From aerospace, to oil and gas, to pharmaceutical and more, our team of professionals works hard to meet the evolving needs of our customers across several different industries.

Food & beverage processing

We have extensive experience working with food and beverage OEMs that supply equipment to large food manufacturers like Frito Lay and Kraft. Our Hoffman Modcenter has raised the bar in terms of quality and efficiency of fabrication with stainless steel cabinets.


We work closely with process OEMs that supply equipment to Pfizer and other global pharmaceutical manufacturers. These projects ship stateside and to Europe. Our familiarity with global and CE specifications makes it easier for these suppliers to work closely with us.


With additional control panels at aerospace firms in China, Canada, Germany, Russia and South America, we work closely with global customers to afford them the space and time they need for large capital equipment longer cycle build times.

Oil & gas

With over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas sector, our expertise ranges from simple PLC controls to complex Redundant PLC Systems with vibration monitoring located in hazardous environments. We can easily accommodate end customer factory acceptance testing at our facility helping to streamline the control portion of the project.

Process industries

We work closely with OEMs in the process industry to design and build competitive, cost-effective control packages. Our process experience includes air and gas separation, compression and mixing.

Fluid systems & plumbing

From standalone control panels to integrated rack systems, Allied Circuits has been involved in commercial and industrial closed-loop systems, including HVAC chilled-water systems, boiler systems, cooling tower systems, and process water loops. Our company’s agility and flexibility allows our customers to shorten the lead time on engineered to order systems.


We work closely with automotive manufacturing plants to help minimize downtime and improve manufacturing efficiency. With extensive knowledge of UL and NEC codes, our staff helps customers design code-compliant control solutions that meet today’s safety requirements.

Water & wastewater

We have extensive experience working with contractors and water/wastewater facilities. We understand the importance of system uptime, operational efficiency, automation and maximizing water utilization.


Our engineering staff has extensive experience in the filtration and separation environment. We can perform a complete design with control panels in virtually any environment; write a program and assist in its operation. Our customers are in the precious metals industry, municipalities, experimental research (carbon capture), and breweries.

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