Refining Processes with Control Panel Building

When Mechanical Contractor DV Brown & Associates was tasked with finding a partner for a fiber cooling process line, the company searched for a control systems expert capable of supplying a turnkey process system covering all aspects from design to commissioning. The search led to Allied Circuits—with full confidence that our expertise would help make this project a success.

The problem
The challenge at hand was to design a process system based on the customer’s initial specifications and budget. DV Brown’s expertise in industrial HVAC systems coupled with Allied Circuits’ experience in process engineering application led to a re-engineered system that improved the process in an efficient, cost-competitive manner.

The approach
With DV Brown designing the mechanical architecture, Allied Circuits’ project team focused on the power distribution and main control cabinets. Concurrently, Allied’s Integration team started programming for the HMI and PLC’s. Given the tight timeline, both companies collaborated during the installation process, with Allied Circuits focusing on power, controls, and instrumentation.

The result
After installation, came the true test of commissioning the new process line. Due to the investment in the design stage, commissioning and start-up proceeded without a hitch—allowing both companies to meet their deadlines on time and on budget. With such a positive result, this partnership came to the realization that this complete offering of HVAC and process engineering provides a competitive edge in the industrial markets. Because of this, Allied Circuits and DV Brown will be collaborating on future projects to provide the same level of quality, efficiency, and output.

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