The Hoffman ModCenter

With the addition of our in-house Hoffman ModCenter in December of 2016, Allied Circuits has made a significant investment in automating a traditionally labor-intensive process. The ModCenter automates the measuring, cutting, drilling and tapping of enclosures and sub panels, resulting in significant improvements for Allied Circuits and our customers:


  • Shorter lead times. Quicker modifications and best-in-class cutting speeds allow us to produce more product in a shorter period of time.
  • Improved quality. Yields 100% accurate repeatability for orders of multiples, improving quality and reducing the potential for costly errors.
  • Increased productivity. Eliminates time-consuming enclosure marking and measuring.
  • Increased safety. Allows for extra safety precautions, reducing risk associated with worker injuries.
  • Improved bottom line. The ModCenter‚Äôs precision, ease of use and state-of-the art design make it the most versatile automated solution in the industry.

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