Improving Safety and Functionality—One Control Panel at a Time

When a longtime customer of ours needed to completely redesign one of their most common control panels, they turned to Allied Circuits for improved safety, functionality and performance.

The problem
Our customer needed to improve the safety of a control panel by separating the high-voltage and low-voltage components into two different sections. They requested that Allied Circuits tap into its team of experts to successfully redesign the control panel in order to improve safety and functionality.

The approach
This design allowed the OEM to meet current UL and NEC Control panel regulations. The design allowed for improved safety and functionality. The high voltage wiring was placed in the lower segregated compartment so that the upper low-voltage components could be accessed with minimal Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required. The Lower Voltage componentry and wiring for Signal and Control were located in the top section of the control panel. The panel was divided with an internal plate and two doors.

The result
The result of partnering with Allied Circuits was the creation of a “Split Section” Control Panel. This division allows for ease of troubleshooting and greater safety for personnel. This in turn helps to minimize downtime and maximize production for the OEM and their customers. This safer, more functional design was well received in the marketplace and led to an increase of sales for our OEM.

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