Contract Design & Manufacture of Custom Industrial Control Panels and Systems
Fast, Flexible, Responsive, Cost Effective
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Turnkey Supplier of Code Compliant Control Panels   Partnering With Your Technical Team
Allied Circuits partners with U.S, Canadian and International equipment manufacturers to become their trusted turnkey supplier of code compliant custom electrical power panels and control systems for the US and Canada.  Our goal is to be a fast, responsive extension of your product delivery process.

Close proximity to the US-Canada border and to air-sea-land transportation links enables us to cost effectively support cross-border and international shipments.

Allied Circuits’ technical team works with your engineers at any stage of the product delivery process including requirements definition, design, value engineering, build to print, sourcing, assembly, kitting, configuring, programming, testing under power and shipment to your end customer.

Our Team of Professionals consistently strives to meet your technical, budget and delivery requirements, as well as meet Buy America – Made in USA requirements.

Contact our Technical Team at: